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Welcome to Aqua Breath

We are leader in the business of water treatment and solutions that is so vital to people's lives and the environment.

If we're at the forefront of the water management industry, it's because of a sustained focus on Technological advancement through R&D - innovation is our hallmark as our numerous patents testify.Affiliations with the best specialist water treatment companies.

Human resource development - melding technology with people trained to manage it responsibly.Above all, commitment to customer care, that goes far beyond the sale.

At Abode infratech Pvt. Ltd., we bring you total water .Specialists in water and waste water treatment for over decades, we offer total water solutions for industry, homes and communities. Integrating process technology, design engineering and project management capability, we take end-to-end responsibility - planning, integrating and managing water on supply, quantity, quality, discharge and environmental fronts. By creating quantifiable benefits for our customers, we demonstrate how efficient water management is a value investment.

In the consumer market, under the flagship of the Aquabreath brand, the company has introduced products catering to every need of the customer From online water purifier to the most advanced Reverse Osmosis Water Purifiers .Abode infratech Pvt. Ltd. has led virtually every breakthrough in the Indian market fulfilling the company's vision : "pulse of healthy life”

Technical service support is a key component of our solutions bouquet and our service network in the Indian water treatment industry.We use our wide range of processes with an integrated approach to deliver total solutions for every market - household, institutional, commercial, industrial and public water supplies, urban and rural, in India.


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