Effluent Treatment Plant (E.T.P.)

Abode Infratech Pvt. Ltd. is manufacturers and suppliers of Effluent treatment plant . Effluent is the wastewater generated from production processes of any industry. The basic scheme will consists of first passing the trade effluent through a screen chamber for removal of floating materials and then it will flows to next unit i.e. Oil and Fat Removal Tank. From Oil & Fat removal tank, the effluent will be collected to the Collection cum Equalization Tank. Here mixing is done by air through coarse air diffusers. From here the effluent will be transferred to Up-flow anaerobic filter through anaerobic feed pump.

Effluent Treatment Plant - Primary Biological (Anaerobic)

In Anaerobic filter, it is supposed to be drastic reduction in the BOD level at the initial stage itself. In this Anaerobic Filter, PVC plastic media are provided for attachment of bacteria. This media having high void age ratio 97% & high surface area 102 m2/m3 which increase more contact time bacteria to organic matter i.e. BOD. The an aerobically treated effluent by gravity flows to Secondary Biological Treatment i.e. SAFF reactor.

Effluent Treatment Plant - Secondary Biological (Aerobic)

The effluent will be then subjected to aerobic biological treatment in the SAFF Reactor. Here the bacteria oxidize the organic matter to CO2& H2O by the aeration principle.

In this SAFF reactor, PVC plastic media are provided for attachment of bacteria. This media having high void age ratio 97% & high surface area 102 m2/m3 which increase more contact time bacteria to organic matter i.e. BOD. SAFF reactor is fitted with no of fine air diffusers of suitable capacity to provide necessary dissolved oxygen mixed to the effluent. Twin-Lobe Blowers provides the aeration. Nutrients in the form of N & P will be added at Anaerobic as well as in SAFF reactors. In SAFF reactor, minimum Dissolved Oxygen 2 mg/l will be maintained. The SAFF reactor overflow will then be passed through Secondary Tube Settler Tank I & II.

The secondary tube settlers are designed on low overflow rate and are provided after the SAFF reactor to enable separation of solids. A steep slope is provided in the secondary tube settler to eliminate the need of scrapper mechanism. A part of the sludge is recalculated to the SAFF reactor in order to maintain MLSS levels and a part is sent to the Sludge Collection Tank. Overflow of Secondary Tube Settler is sent for Tertiary Treatment.

Effluent Treatment Plant - Tertiary Treatment

The clarified effluent from Secondary Tube Settler Tank by gravity will be collected into Filter Feed Tank. The clarified effluent will be pumped from Filter Feed Tank to filtration system. I.e. Pressure Sand Filter followed by Activated carbon Filter for removal of micro-suspensions, colors, odors and trace organic matter. Outlet of ACF is treated effluent.

Industrial waste water is one of the major sources for water pollution. As a major role player in effluent treatment plant sector, Abode Infratech Pvt. Ltd aware the industries about waste water. Industrial wastewater is the sum total of all kinds of reject streams coming out of the industrial processes. So it’s necessary for them to recycle that to reduce cost and also store it for further use. Main function of our etp is to clean industry effluent and recycle it for further use and meet CPCB norms.

Industrial Effluent Treatment Plant Manufacturers and Suppliers in India – ETP

Our effluent treatment plant is based on advanced technologies, it removes the sludge and other critical substance, finally got a good quality treated water. Our advanced water treatment technology is best to treat sophisticated effluent also. We established more than 100 etp in Delhi, Uttar Pradesh, Haryana, Rajasthan, Gujarat, Punjab, Himachal Pradesh, Uttarakhand and they give valuable feedback us. We ready 24*7 hours for our customer support. Effluent treatment plant comprises of five stages and can come with different features.

  1. Physical Treatment
  • Manual/Mechanical Coarse Screen
  • Manual/Mechanical Fine Screen
  1. Chemical Treatments
  • Coagulation
  • Flocculation
  • Clarifier/Tube settler
  1. Biological Treatments
  • Anaerobic Treatment
  • Anaerobic Filter
  • Up flow Anaerobic Sludge Blanket
  • Aerobic treatment
  • SAFF
  1. Tertiary Treatments 
  • Dual Media Filter/ Sand Filter
  • Activated Carbon Filter
  • Recycling system (RO Plant)
  1. Sludge Treatments 
  • Manual /Hydraulic Filter press
  • Centrifuge
  • Decanter

We provide these technologies which have pros and cons and technologies use on the behalf of raw effluent quality. As per user need, we offer zero liquid discharge system to get rid from effluent contained water. Effluent treatment plant manufacturers process expert work with the design team to supervise the various factors that contribute to a plant design, including effluent requirements, land availability, energy, labour and disposal costs. Different kind of ETP are designed on different types technologies based on the pollution potential of the effluent, resources available at site and stringent discharge standards.

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