Electromagnetic water softener

Electromagnetic/Magnetic water softener convert hard water into soft water, this water softener is different from traditional water softener. Aqua breath has a verity of products to full fill your soft water need for domestic, industrial and commercial application. this is also called salt free water softener.


Input Voltage: 100-275 v ac 50 Hz.

Input Current: 50 ma ac

Output Channels: for 0.5 inch to 2 inch one nos. for 2.5 inch two nos.

Output Voltage: 15 v dc to coil

Output Current: 10 A peak Maximum

Output signal: AC square signal with swept frequency.

Coil Frequency: swept frequency from 1khz to 145 kHz.

Protection: IP 65 water proof protection for electronic circuit.

  • SMPS power supply
  • Overload protection on smps.
  • Short circuit protection on smps.
  • Over voltage protection on smps.
  • Operating temp. 10 degree to 60 degree centigrade.
  • Fit Forget Maintenance Free.
  • No Salt or chemicals needed.
  • No maintenance, easy to install.
  • Mains pressure unaffected.
  • Retains healthy minerals.
  • Little space required and safe.
  • Low running cost, negligible power consumption.
  • Effective on upvc, hdpe, copper or steel pipe etc.
  • No waste water
  • No Need of Electricity for Magnetic Softener.

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