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Aquabreath 25LPH

 Commercial RO systemWhen you think of clean drinking water at a newly shifted place, a number of possibilities may crop up in your mind. You may opt for bottled mineral water or getting the tap water boiled or buying a water purifier. And these aspects certainly hold importance if you are concerned about drinking safe water and letting yourself and your family maintain a healthy life. You will not think of drinking unpurified water even once because you very well know the consequences of drinking unsafe water. It is because any or all of you may fall ill leading to a visit to the doctor and even hospitalization, thus resulting in worthless money-spending. Why spend money when there are so many options to have safe water.
Product Features :
  • Full System with push to push connection, first time in India.
  • 150 GPD Systems.
  • Good Quality SMPS Adopters.
  • All the Cartridge NSF Standard.
  • Automatic Flushing.

Aquabreath 50 LPH

RO System for commercial useHealth and safety are the primary considerations for water purification. When choosing the right water purification system for your home, keep in mind that any water purifier is better than none at all. It's just that some water purifiers are better than others. Price, in this case, is not always indicative of quality. Here we have some information that should help you choose the right product for your family. Water purifiers that use distillation are needed to kill bacteria, but if you boil the water you can get the same effective results. When your water comes from a treatment facility, disinfection has already been done, and usually E. coli and other bacteria are not present, except in the case of a massive storm or similar event. But bacteria might still be present in the spore step of evolvement. Reverse osmosis water purifiers do not remove herbicides, pesticides, VOCs, THMs or bacterial contaminants. You are more likely not to use this purifier since your water source might not be a lake or river, and consequently you can skip this step in the process. This step is completed at the public's water purification program if your water comes from that source.
Product Features :
  • Approx 50 Lph Capacity.
  • Six Stage R.O. with energy Filters.
  • All the System with HPS (High Pressure Switch) & Faucet.
  • SMSP Adoptor.
  • Can be used as wall mount and stand alone.
ISO 9001:2015
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