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The effluent treatment plant is designed to treat the effluent i.e. Wastewater recycling coming from different areas of the plant.

We are Manufactures of Compact Effluent Treatment Plant (E.T.P. ). Effluent Treatment Plant (E.T.P.) plants are sustainable & environment friendly based on Green Building Technology. Effluent Treatment Plant (E.T.P.) according to Pollution Control board guidline and undertakes such project on turnkey basis on a PAN India level.

Effluent Treatment Plant (E.T.P.) products are in accordance with the good standard of quality.

Effluent Treatment Plant (E.T.P.) plants for the following Industries: Food, Beverages, Metals, Mining, Textile, Paper, Sugar, Dying , Hotels, Automobile, and pharmaceuticals.

Effluents for making our environment healthy and safe. We at Matrix Eco Solution offer innovative Effluent Treatment Plants for the removal of the pollution effluents with economical operation and quality discharge to meet the norms of the stringent pollution control.

Mainly, it depends upon the type of effluent when different processes are developed for the cost effective treatment. After complete research and trial run by our pilot plants, technological solutions are made available.

Our Effluent Treatment Plants are capable of catering diversified areas like Electroplating and Picking Industries, Automobile Industries, Textile Industry, Export Houses and many more. We hire expert professionals for dealing in the following Effluent Treatment Technologies:

Physio – Chemical Treatment

Biological Treatment

Aerobic Treatment Plants

Activated Sludge Treatment

Extended Aeration system

Diffused Aeration System

ETP (Effluent Treatment Plant) is a process design for treating the. industrial waste water for its reuse or safe disposal to the environment.

Industrial Waste

Water is one of the most important components used in all type of industry.

ETP is used in many processes of Industry. It may be used for washing, cooling, Heat Exchanging, condensing the steam etc. But Water used in industry is not totally consumed. Hence, almost all industries generate waste water from industries that needs serious action. So, improper discharge of waste water can pollute local Environment. In many manufacturing Industries, by-product can be treated as waste water called “Effluent” should be treated before it release into the environment.

Effluent is an outflow of water or gas from a natural body of water, or from a human made structure.

Effluent, in engineering, is the stream exiting a chemical reactor.

Effluent is defined as Treated or Untreated Waste water that flows out of a treatment plant, sewage, or industrial outlet.

Effluent with the help of Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP) sometimes it is also called as Sewage treatment Plant (STP). Clean water then is safely discharge into Environment.

Industrial Waste Water

Industrial waste water treatment covers the mechanisms and processes used for waste water treatment that have been contaminated in some way by anthropogenic industrial or commercial activities prior to its release into the environment or its re-use. Its objective is to produce an environmentally safe fluid waste stream (or treated effluent) and a solid waste (or treated sludge) suitable for disposal or reuse (usually as farm fertilizer).

National Standards for Waste Water

Effluent from industry must meet the National Standards for waste water set by Government. So, Effluent Treatment plant ETP or Sewage Treatment Plant (STP) should design & operated in such a way that it treats the waste water to these standards.

Effluent Treatment Plant:

Effluent Treatment plant can be operated with the help of 4 diff ways:

1) Preliminary - Removal of Solids, Oil & Grease.

2) Primary - Removal of floating & settable such as Suspendesolids, Organic Matter

3) Secondary - Removal of Biodegradable organic matter (BOD).

4) Tertiary - Removal of residual suspended solids, Dissolved solids.

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