We Provide all kinds of RO systems, Water cooler and Water dispenser on Rent

Abode Infratech Pvt. Ltd. is an ISO 9001:2015 Certified Company. Under the brand name Aqua breath. We have specialized in water and waste water treatment covering all sectors like industries, commercial, hotels, institutional. Our product range are RO, Softener.  In domestic we have high TDS RO System for up to 4500 TDS and Salt Free Water Softener for 10,000 TDS. A pioneer in this field, our company is one of few with a complete range of water and wastewater Reverse Osmosis & Water Softening technologies, products and services. This enables us to offer Total Water Management solution for industries, homes and communities.

We are involved in providing the all kind of Commercial/ Industrial RO Systems 25 Ltr. to 200 Ltr. and Water Cooler/Water Dispenser also on monthly rent.  These systems are manufactured using high grade materials and components in compliance with industrial standards. We provide rented systems for industrial requirements of corporate and large Institutes like school & colleges. This demonstrates our faith Quality and Commitment to service.

Products and Services: RO Plants Industrial and Commercial, Water Softeners, Sewage Treatment Plant (STP), Effluent Treatment Plant (ETP). We have a large footprint in India, whereby we supply our plants on a sale as well as rental basis, AMC services provided.

Benefit of renting a water purifier

Don’t have to wait for water delivery

  • No more hassle of buying expensive water bottle
  • Don’t have to wait for water delivery
  • Save your precious money, time & space

Benefit of Renting a water Purifier, R.O system, R.O plant:

1. Safe drinking water at the comfort of your home.

2. No need to carry bulky water bottles every time.

3. Cost is same irrespective of consumption.

4. Free maintenance and installation with every RO.

5. No need to wait for delivery of water bottles.

6. Saves time, money and space.

Benefits of Drinking Water Systems:

  • Safer water– our water filtration systems are designed to reduce harmful impurities like cysts, arsenic, lead, radium, chlorine and other harmful impurities*
  • Pure convenience– enjoy an endless supply of drinking water with the push of a button right at your kitchen sink
  • Better tasting water – cleaner water will improve the taste of everything you make with water – coffee, teas, drinks, ice cubes, baby formula, and all your recipes
  • Great for appliances– the cleaner water you get with a drinking water system is better for use in appliances like ice makers and humidifiers
  • Healthier choice– everyone is more likely drink more water and less sodas and sugary drinks
  • Cost savings– glass for glass, water costs far less than buying expensive single-serve bottles of water from the store when the water consumption is high enough
  • Environmentally-friendly– with water, you can drink fewer single-serve bottles of water, helping to save thousands of bottles from clogging our landfills

Why Rent RO Systems?

If you don’t want to spend your capital to invest in purchasing an RO system, R.O Plant, reverse osmosis system rentals offer the ability to get high-quality drinking water at a lower upfront cost. Here are a few of the benefits you’ll experience when you rent an RO system from Abode Infratech Pvt. Ltd.

  • Your local Man will professionally install your reverse osmosis system, and is available for maintenance or service calls at no cost to you.
  • You will have only the highest quality drinking water coming out of your tap. The filters in RO systems are able to filter out contaminants 100,000 times smaller than the width of a single human hair. Up to 99% of all impurities are filtered out of water.
  • You will use fewer water bottles, freeing up space in your fridge and cabinets and helping the environment.
  • You will notice an improvement in the taste of food, coffee, and drinks prepared with reverse osmosis water.
  • Because reverse osmosis water is free of minerals, you won’t have to worry about buildup in your coffee machine, humidifiers, or cooking pots and pans.

We are the largest supplier of good quality RO on Rent/Water Purifier on Rent or for Rental RO

  • Cost Benefit:t of RO water purifier may be the issue but the maintenance of RO is a costly
  • care of the maintenance and all other things.

Fixed low monthly charges. Your payments always stays the same regardless of consumption to RO on Rent. Water Canes for pure drinking water is also an expensive Reverse osmosis system rentals offer a means for providing filtered, great-tasting water to your family and employees at an affordable cost. For more information on  reverse osmosis system rentalscontact  us.

Unlimited Supply of fresh, clean & pure drinking water No more hassle of buying expensive water bottles, Don’t have to wait for water delivery, Save your precious money, time & space, Installation, Services, Maintenance & Filter Replacement included.

Abode Infratech Pvt. Ltd. gives you RO water purifier on rent, which is the best option for people who don’t want to purchase a water purifier for a short period of time. When you rent a RO system from us, you don’t have to pay for any maintenance of the filter, you just have to give security amount along with your ID proof and Post dated cheque for the rent of purifier/R.O Plant/system.

Not just Rent a RO but get the superior quality water cooler/water dispenser equipped with quality spare parts which can guarantee the supply of purest water every day. Our Rental RO is backed with quality and on-time service.

Want value for money, call us for the best RO, UV or RO + UV machine on Rent.

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