Ultra Filtration Plant

Ultra Filtration Plant(U.F) are used in Post treatment of waste water to re use of waste water for different application and also treatment of row water treatment where Total Dissolve salt(TDS) is low. Ultra Filtration Plant (U.F) effectively removes suspended solids, colloids, bacteria& various feed source.

Aqua breath offers wide range of Ultra filtration (U.F.) systems, designed and manufactured for on automated operation. Aqua breath Ultra filtration (U.F.) system is easy to use, plug-and-plug system capable of treating water from wide range of sources for various applications. A fully automatic control panel is used to control the different operating modes of the Ultra filtration (U.F.) process filtration, backwashing and cleaning.

With the professional knowledge and solid engineering experience, Aqua breath can provide the standard and custom Ultra filtration (U.F.) systems with flow range from 1 m3/hr to 100m3/hr.

Aqua breath Ultra filtration (U.F.) systems are based on Outside-in flow configuration, which allow for less plugging, uniform flow distribution, higher solids loading higher flow area and easy cleaning. Ultra filtration (U.F.) can be operated in dead end as well as cross flow mode.

Our standard Ultra filtration (U.F.) systems are designed for reliable, long trouble free operation, with simple control.

  • Our Ultra filtration (U.F.) plants are easy to install, operate and maintain.
  • Our Ultra filtration (U.F.) plants have Low power consumption and chemical usage.
  • Our Ultra Filtration (U.F.) plants are efficient, reliable operation with minimum downtime.
  • Our Ultra Filtration (U.F.) plants have low fouling membrane modules with outside-In configuration.
  • Our Ultra Filtration (U.F.) plants have very fine nominal pore diameter (0.03 um).
  • Our Ultra Filtration (U.F.) plants are effectively removes suspended solids, colloids, bacteria & various feed source.
  • Our Ultra Filtration (U.F.) plants can be easily back washed and air scoured to improve the performance and extend the operating life by removing and fouling layer.

Our Ultra Filtration (U.F.) plants gives Consistent, high quality product water.

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